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The crew of the shuttle Columbia did not return safely to earth, yet we can pray that all are safely home.
- President George W. Bush - February 1, 2003
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Judson Scott Information
CURRENT LOCATION: Children's Hospital--Intensive Care Unit
(205) 939-9100
1600 7th Ave S
Birmingham, AL 35294

Judson Scott's website:
Check in and sign guestbook.
All entries, cards, and prayers are welcome and encouraged.

I am sure that Sue would like to see anything that the kids do, especially if it is baseball-related. I assume that you are a teacher by reading your e-mail? And, I take it that you and your family have been touched by Steve Cosgrove and the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM, as we have. We were fortunate enough to go to Cooperstown Dreams Park and to Gainesville, Flordia and be a part of something that has remained fond in our hearts to this day. Every time I mention the great time we had and all the wonderful people and teammates we met (Steve, Gene "Boxcar" Blackwell, and the California gang), it brings a tear to my eyes and a great fondness to my heart. I will always have all the pictures and videos of the games to go back to and reflect on. It was one of the best times we (Sue, myself, and Donald) could ever have had, and I will always remember it. I was telling Steve the other day on the phone, how Donald still remembers and uses the sayings and life lessons we were introduced to by Steve and Gene during our stay in Cooperstown. I use them in my coaching varsity HS players every chance I get. I pray everyday that there will be some Divine Intervention for Sue, and I am thankful that with this terrible condition, she is in no pain. Thank you for your prayers. I look forward to seeing the artwork from the kids.

Roger Howell
King George, VA

Our address is
Roger Howell
7432 Washington Drive
King George VA 22485-2003

Ricky Harris (53, Opelika, AL), long-time parent supporter and former coach with the BOB-NTT, passed away January 6, 2004. His son, Dusty, played in the very first BOB-NTT tournament (October, 1995 in Winter Haven, FL)…Dusty was one of the ANNUAL COACHES' AWARDS recipients in 2001. Ricky leaves his loving wife, Nancy, three sons (Shane, Travis, Dusty), and daughter, Allyson. We will miss Ricky dearly…he always showed a genuine passion for the game of baseball.
Our dear friend, Gerald Patterson, founder of Southeastern Baseball, Inc., Jefferson City, TN apparently suffered a serious stroke this past Saturday, September 13, 2003. We understand that he has a hemi-plegia (one-sided paralysis), but not affecting his speech too badly.

The BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM has participated with Gerald's fine program for seven years...we dearly appreciate Gerald, his wonderful wife, Evelyn, and their family so much. Their program has provided countless players, coaches, families, and teams tremendous opportunities for 23 years...we will have participated with SEBB three tournaments in 2003 alone.

Our collective hearts, thoughts, and prayers are extended on behalf of the rapid and full recovery of Gerald, and for the worry and anguish of his family and friends...please engage your PRAYER ALERTS immediately and in earnest on this grave matter.

WE LOVE GERALD PATTERSON...without question, he is one of our all-time favorite baseball people.

Matthew Dean (12), Montgomery, AL has recently been diagnosed with a condition known as Aplastic Anemia...a form of blood disorder. A great young man, Matthew, along with his fine family, have participated in numerous BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM activities, both instructional and tournaments. I/we are planning on Matthew's making it to Cooperstown Dreams Park with our team(s) this coming summer ('03)...please engage your PRAYER ALERTS on his behalf. HE, LIKE ALL OF OUR BOB-NTT FAMILY MEMBERS, IS SO PRECIOUS, VALUED, AND IMPORTANT...please open all spiritual channels of communication on this serious situation.
Jeremy Simmons, 19, of Opelika, Alabama was killed in a vehicle accident on December 1, 2002. Jeremy was a 2001 graduate of Lee-Scott Academy in Auburn, and was in his second year of college. Jeremy was a member of the LSA baseball team (30-8) that was runner-up in the 2001 AISA State Baseball Tournament.

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are extended for the well-being of the soul and spirit of Jeremy, and for the tremendous grief and loss felt by his loving family and friends. Please engage your PRAYER ALERTS on this most unfortunate of occasions....we will miss Jeremy dearly.

Former classmates and teammates (Lee-Scott Academy) of Jeremy Simmons engaged in a moment of prayerful remembrance.
L-R    Dusty Harris, Opelika, AL; Brett Beckwith, Opelika, AL; Jimmy Kolaitis, Auburn, AL
Currently, all three young men are baseball teammates at Southwest Tennessee State Community College, Memphis, TN.
Todd York (36) passed away 10/11/2002. As many of you know, Todd and his son, Brandon, have been integral and close members of the family of the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM since 1998, when Brandon first called me to introduce himself on Thanksgiving morning. They have joined us in activities (both instructional and tournament competitions) in numerous places: Panama City Beach, FL; Cooperstown, NY--twice; Gainesville, FL; Cocoa Beach, FL; Tucson, AZ; and, Jefferson City, TN. Todd often helped our teams with his dugout presence and encouraging spirit.
Todd and Brandon were involved in a serious vehicle accident on Tuesday, October 1, 2002. Todd leaves his wife, Cindy, their sons, Logan (8), and Brandon, who turns 16 on December 17, 2002. Their home address and contact information is as follows:
4540 North NC Hwy. 16
Miller's Creek, NC 28651
(336) 670-3011 H
(336) 667-1310 W
Our thoughts, hearts, and prayers are offered for the well-being of the soul and spirit of Todd, and for the deep loss felt by Cindy, Brandon, Logan, and their immediate and extended families. Todd will always remain in our hearts and in our memories...he was a great guy.
Pat "Burger" Harrison (Montgomery, AL), Hunter's dad, Gay's husband, and one of our top high school age coaches, recently has undergone treatment for a form of throat cancer. We of the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM are only allowing Pat to chew gum forever more!

David (7), Bill Ruffin, Ben (4), Will (12)

Coach Bill Ruffin (43), Auburn AL, passed away on December 19, 2001 after a courageous battle with brain cancer...since 1997, Bill Ruffin, his wife, Debra and their three sons (Will, David, and Ben) have participated with the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM. Bill represented the best attributes of being a coach, a family man, a father, and a true friend of baseball...Bill will always be with us in our hearts, and in our memories.

Bart Butler, Demopolis, AL has a form of childhood leukemia...Bart and his two older brothers (Brooks and Blake), along with their dad, Coach Gary Butler (and their mother Debbie) have participated with our instructional and tournament/competitive activities since 1996.
One of our teammates, Jake Giambrone, suffered a serious spinal cord injury on December 27, 2000. He has participated with us in several tournaments: St. Louis, MO; Cooperstown, NY; Panama City Beach, FL; and Gainesville, FL, along with many of our local baseball schools & days of instruction.
Coach Bob Burke, Boca Raton, FL has been battling a series of chronic ailments (back pain, cancer) over a long period of time. His son, Carson, plays with us, supported also by his wife, Jill, daughter, Cady and another son, Colby.
Coach Doug Welsh, Doraville, GA is dealing with a form of lung cancer...he is supported by his wife, Kathy and son, Andy. Doug is a long-standing friend of the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM.
We of the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM ask for thoughts, hearts, and prayers to be offered on their behalf...we believe deeply in the power of prayer and faith.