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10th Anniversary

Message from Coach Steve Cosgrove

July 1, 2005


I hope that this greeting finds you all doing well.

It was 10 years ago today that the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM began. This past decade has seen our participation in 231 age-group tournaments, throughout 13 states (including Hawaii), Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. Players and families from 41 states and three provinces of Canada have participated with us. Our instructional schedule for 2005 offers 48 separate events, with another 20 tournaments planned.

Lots of wins...lots of losses...lots of exciting times...lots of wholesome, lasting friendships...and, lots of great memories through the great game of baseball.

Most importantly, we are proud of the well-recognized positive reputation that the BOB-NTT has earned over the years: quality players and families, outstanding character, first-class presence, and always leaving each dugout, each tournament site, each community, each situation, and each person in better shape than we found them.

The time, effort, dedication, and commitment of many individuals...yourselves included...have all helped in many sundry ways to make this happen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Upon waking, I begin each and every day with a heart-felt prayer of thanks to the Good Lord for His allowing me/us the opportunity to touch people's lives...particularly, young people and their families...through the mission, spirit, and activities of the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM.

May we be blessed to continue on this worthwhile and exciting path well into the future, all the while having a blast doing so.

All the best.

STAY BALANCED in all things!

"Congratulations on the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM 10th Anniversary! From experience, I know that getting something started is relatively easy. Keeping something going, in this case for 10 years, requires an incredible focus and determination. I know that you have enriched the lives of my boys -- I am thankful and remember you and BOB-NTT often in my prayers. Your principles have encouraged me to be a better coach, husband, and father. Thanks."

John Starling
Nashville, TN

Dear Coach Steve:
"Ten years for the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM---that's amazing! Just think of all the families and kids that you've made an impact upon. It's really an accomplishment to think of all the lives you've touched. Congratulations on this landmark!

Just a note: Bobby won the State of Florida Pitch, Hit, and Run competition (14 year olds), and will compete in Detroit, Michigan, during the 2005 MLB All-Star Game festivities. He gets to shag fly balls during the Home Run Derby, and he'll attend the All-Star Game...needless to say, he's excited! You may remember, he also got to do this when he was 12 - and he is every bit as enthusiastic as before.

Thanks again for sharing, and congratulations!"

Linda Borchering
Alva, FL

"I just wanted to tell you congratulations on these past 10 years for the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM! And, to say "thank you" for giving your time and talent in creating an organization for kids that is by far the most positive program we have ever been a part of. Lee and Brandon are always encouraging others to come and be a part of the BOB-NTT instructional activities. Our family considers it an honor to be part of the BOB-NTT family.

Thank you, Steve, for all you do. I know God will continue to bless you and your family."

Melinda Carpenter
Elba, AL

Coach Steve:
"CONGRATULATIONS on a great decade of service to thousands of young people and their families through the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM. We've all been around a lot of coaches and a lot of baseball programs, but nothing can compare to the class program you have created, and the HUGELY POSITIVE example you set for everyone with whom you come in contact...from players, to parents, coaches, tournament staff, baseball school workers, groundskeepers, umpires, and food servers---the list just goes on. Wherever you go, lives are touched in a positive and caring fashion.

It takes a special person with a definite calling to run a program like BOB-NTT. I hope you had the time to read the eulogy of Major Luke Worsham. He was a figure larger than life, driven by a positive calling and a deep love of children, who placed himself in a position to touch thousands of young lives, then tirelessly followed through on that calling. He loved what he did, and in turn, was respected and loved by all, because of his direct and honest demeanor, and the LIFE LESSONS HE MADE IT HIS BUSINESS TO DRIVE HOME. Unlike many today, his focus was broad and generous---for example, he showed our wrestling moves to the opposing teams after each meet, and conducted practice sessions for them right then and there---to help them all and their programs to be better! He was never too busy to help a child---it was his life.

You are cut from the same cloth, Steve. You always will be respected and loved for the same reasons. There is no greater calling than to give your entire life for the service of young people. In so doing, you help not only the players (all players), but families, communities, and our wonderful country by turning out quality leaders who will pass on these same values and inspirations. When this occurs, you can know that your mission (the BOB-NTT mission) is being accomplished.

STAY BALANCED, my friend. And, always know that my shoulder will be to the plow with you in active and unending support of BOB-NTT."

Joseph R. Wheeler
Nashville, TN

Coach Steve:
"We thank you and we always talk about you. We had the greatest time ever being a part of the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM (Cooperstown Dreams Park and Gainesville, FL). Mikey looks forward to seeing you. Let us know when you have other age-group tournaments. Jonathan and Mikey would love to play with you again. You are the best coach the boys have ever had. Keep up the good work. There are not too many 'Steves' out and the BOB-NTT are special.
May God love you and protect you are our friend."

The Morel Family
Destiny, Desirey, Imilsy, Mikey, Jonathan, Vidal, and Miguel Morel
Ocala, FL

"Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM! We are so grateful that you dedicate your life to enrich the lives of boys and families. We are very fortunate to be included in the BOB-NTT family. God Bless!"

The Richy's
Brian, Teiko, Johnathan, Paul, and Stephen
Golden, CO

Dear Steve:
"What a tremendous accomplishment...10 years! You've spearheaded the growth of an organization which has garnered the praise and respect of countless players, parents, and coaches throughout our great country. Along the way, you've provided opportunities for many young people and their families to further enjoy all the experiences that the game of baseball has to offer. Although baseball is what initially brings us all together, it is the values, friendships, and memories which keep so many of us coming back for more. From New York to California, from Cooperstown Dreams Park to the USA Baseball Junior Olympics, from little leaguer to professional, the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM has often exemplified the very best of our national pasttime.

As our family prepares for one more trip with Coach Cosgrove this '05 summer, we look back at our eight year relationship with deep gratitude. Chris pretty much grew up in a Boys of Baseball uniform, and Mike and Joe continue to write their own chapters in the Boys of Baseball history book. Betsy and I often think fondly of our many baseball buddies from the Boys of Baseball...Jerry Murphy and Lindsay Brehm, Lou Presutti and his family, the Linders from Canada, and Tom Francis, Jimmy Kolaitis, and many more. We are excited to have had others become involved with the program as well, baseball friends from our region who we strongly encouraged to learn more about the Boys of Baseball. And, we will never forget the cherished moments that the program helped to create for our sons...Cooperstown, Gainesville, St. Louis, USA Baseball Junior Olympics (Tucson, AZ and Jupiter, FL), USA Baseball Youth National Team, and, the USA Baseball Junior National Team.

After being named to the USA Baseball Board of Directors earlier this '05 year, Chris commented to Betsy and I how far we had all traveled since he put on that first teal baseball jersey you gave him in 1997. We've all come a long way since then, and we all have much to be thankful for. Thank you, Steve, for your time, vision, and the many sacrifices you've personally made on behalf of the Boys of Baseball - National Travel Team."

Wally Lubanski and Family
Schwenksville, PA

  Congratulations, Steve.

"10 years of the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM is a tremendous accomplishment. It is such a time-consuming and difficult task to put together and run an organization of this caliber. You have not only done it, but have done it in a manner that doubtful few could equal. You have raised the bar for organizations all over the country in showing how baseball should be played and lived out beyond the diamond.

I, likewise, am very thankful for the blessings that I and my family have received in being a part of the Boys of Baseball family. Our friendship, Steve, as well as all of the BOB-NTT relationships that we have developed, are cherished, and will continue so well beyond our kids' baseball experiences.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do through this great organization, and may the Good Lord continue to bless you, your great family, and the BOB-NTT."

Tom Francis
Annapolis, MD

"Congratulations on hitting the 10 year milestone with the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM! We are not surprised at the BOB-NTTsuccess throughout the years. You run an excellent program, and certainly the program is deserving of all the positive accolades."

Lindsay and Brian Brehm
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

"Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary of the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM. We are proud to be a part of this extended family. Having been exposed to quite a few baseball organizations, I can confidently say that the BOB-NTT is the best in terms of overall character development for the boys. That is what I as a parent am looking for. Best of luck in the future."

Mike Hogan
Hingham, MA

Coach Cosgrove:
"Congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM. You can be proud of your significant program accomplishments, and know that you are making important contributions to many young players and their families. We know that our son, Nick, benefits in so many ways (including character, team work, respect for himself and others) from his participation in the BOB-NTT events.

We are proud and honored to be a part of your baseball organization, and we are looking forward to seeing you at Cooperstown Dreams Park."

Tony, Mary Beth, and Nick Pancerella
Collegeville, PA

"I am so happy for you and sincerely congratulate the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM (you, your wonderful family, the BOB-NTT team of close associates, families, and fellow coaches) on your 10th Anniversary...your legendary great leadership and the BOB-NTT contributions to the youth of America are leaving permanent positive marks on so many young men and women (Ms. Dominique Dinner (CA) who played against us at Cooperstown Dreams Park in 2003).
All the best."

Carlos Guzman
Miami, FL

"Congratulations, Steve, on the 10th Anniversary of the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM. You are a very special guy, and have certainly made a positive impact on Tucker's life. I thank you for that, and wish you many more special years to come."

Robin Patrick
Dothan, AL

Dear Steve:
"Hard to believe that it has been 10 years for the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM! I remember Wally Lubanski telling me about his first experience (Cooperstown Dreams Park, August, 1997) with you. John was just a toddler. Who would have thought that our son would eventually be involved with the BOB-NTT!?" Congratulations."

Rosa Campbell
Hatfield, PA

"I, too, would like to congratulate you on the 10th Anniversary for the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM. You have created an organization that provides such a valuable experience to young people and their families. I feel fortunate to have a son who participates in your instructional activities, along with his age-group tournament teams. On a personal note, I have also benefitted from the BOB-NTT, because this has given me an opportunity to meet you/your fellow coaches, see your instructional philosophy, and learn your approach to the game of baseball and the game of life.
I wish you and the BOYS OF BASEBALL another 10 great years!"
All the best.

Mike Elkow
Morganville, NJ

"Congratulations on 10 years for the BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM...many, many more to come. We will be with you for as long as you will have us. We arrived home last evening. Cooperstown Dreams Park was an incredible experience for all of us. CJ made great friends, and so did Fred and I. These memories will last a lifetime for us. We talked about it and we all agreed that if he had gone with any other team, it wouldn't have been as special as spending the week with coaches Steve, Jimmy, Lewis, and that wonderful DeWayne Privett! Christian has a very difficult time bonding with anyone. I have never seen him the way he was on Friday...he had such a hard time saying goodbye to everyone. Thank you for being such a special person and also for taking the time to choose special people to be with our children.

I'm sure you hear this often, but, for a boy who never gets emotional about saying goodbye to anyone, to me, that is worth everything...more than baseball. I can't say Thank You enough for taking such a personal and positive interest in my little boy. I don't think you will ever know the gravity of what you have shown him. That he can trust people especially the other men in his life, to respect him as a person, and to love him for who he is. Thank you a thousand times over."

God Bless you and your family. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Michelle and Fred Morrill, and C.J Garvey
Sanford, FL

P.S. The BOYS OF BASEBALL - NATIONAL TRAVEL TEAM is not about what these boys left on the is about what they brought home. Personally, our son brought home a new outlook on his life. Who could ask for anything more?